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Empower Your Healthcare Facility with Neo Health Web App:

Welcome to our Neo Health Web App offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare institutions, with modules for managing staff, patients, duties, and reports. It also includes SMS integration and accounts management.

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on seamless integration, efficient management, and comprehensive reporting for optimized health care staff and patient services.

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Boost healthcare operations with Neo Health Web App. Manage staff, patients, duties, and accounts seamlessly for enhanced efficiency and growth.

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Services We Offer

Health Care Staff Module: Health Care Staff Module facilitates efficient management of healthcare personnel, ensuring optimal staffing levels and seamless coordination for quality patient care.

Moderator Module: Facilitates oversight and control, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to guidelines in the healthcare environment.

Staff Database Management: Staff Database Management ensures organized and accessible records of healthcare personnel, facilitating efficient staff allocation and management within the Neo Health Web App.

Patient Management Module: Patient Management Module in Neo Health Web App efficiently organizes patient records, appointments, treatments, and medical histories for streamlined healthcare delivery.

Duty Management Module: Duty Management Module in Neo Health Web App ensures efficient scheduling and allocation of staff responsibilities for seamless healthcare operations.

SMS Integration: SMS Integration enhances communication by allowing seamless exchange of information between healthcare staff, patients, and administrators for efficient coordination.

Report Generation: Efficiently compile and analyze data with our Report Generation feature, ensuring insightful analytics for informed decision-making in healthcare.

Accounts Management: Efficiently compile and analyze data with our Report Generation feature, ensuring insightful analytics for informed decision-making in healthcare.

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