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Welcome to our Neo Temple Web App simplifies temple operations by facilitating pooja bookings, donations, and member management. It integrates SMS for communication, offers comprehensive tracking, and ensures data security with auto backup. Additionally, it generates detailed reports and supports PDF & Excel export for efficient record-keeping.

Our Approach

Client-centric approach, prioritizing seamless temple operations with efficient booking, management, reporting, and data security features for enhanced spiritual experiences.

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Enhance temple operations with Neo Temple Web App. Streamline bookings, donations, member management, and reporting for efficient administration and growth.

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Services We Offer

Booking of pooja, other offerings: Effortlessly book poojas and offerings, manage donations, and track member details with integrated SMS alerts for a seamless experience.

Donation Module: Donation Module facilitates seamless contributions, tracking, and reporting for temple donations, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

Member / Devotee Management: Efficiently manage temple members and devotees, track their activities, and ensure personalized engagement for enhanced spiritual experiences.

SMS Integration: SMS Integration enables seamless communication by integrating text messaging features, enhancing engagement, and providing real-time updates to users.

Daily / Montly / Yearly Report Generation: Automated report generation for daily, monthly, and yearly activities, providing valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

Comprehensive Tracking: Comprehensive Tracking ensures meticulous monitoring and analysis of temple activities, enhancing efficiency and accountability in operations.

Date and User Details: Date and User Details feature in Neo Temple Web App provides precise tracking of activities, ensuring accountability and transparency.

PDF & Excel Export Utility: Efficiently export temple data to PDF and Excel formats for easy access, analysis, and sharing, ensuring streamlined administrative processes.

Auto backu & Security:Ensure data safety and integrity with automated backups and robust security measures, safeguarding vital temple information and maintaining operational continuity.

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